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About the ETM3 Laboratory:

Tissue engineering is a high impact area that contains a rich variety of problems ranging from the bulk-scale mechanics at the organ- and tissue-levels, down to the cell- and molecular-scales of systems biology. The Engineered Tissue Multiscale Mechanics & Modeling (ETM3) Laboratory aims to develop highly-integrative experimental-computational approaches for cardiovascular tissue engineering, in particular, for small-caliber engineered tissue vascular grafts for coronary artery bypass surgery and epicardial restraint patches for myocardium support after infarction.

The ETM3 research approach is based on 3 interconnected components:

To complement tissue engineering technology development, alleviate the over-reliance on inefficient empiricism, and relieve critical barriers to its progress, the research program of the ETM3 Laboratory aims to:

The main areas of interest of the ETM3 are:

Areas of expertise:

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About the PI: Joao Silva Soares, Ph.D. joined VCU Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering as Assistant Professor on the Fall 2017 to form the Engineered Tissue Multiscale Mechanics and Modeling (ETM3) research group blending theory, experimentation, and simulation in mechanics and biomedical engineering. Dr. Soares obtained his Licenciatura degree in Aerospace Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal in 2002, and his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University in 2008. Subsequently, Dr. Soares has conducted post-doctoral work at Milan Polytechnic, Stony Brook University, and at the University of Texas at Austin as Research Scientist with independent PI status. Dr. Soares has developed state-of-the-art frameworks for polymer degradation and erosion, shear induced platelet activation, and mechanically-conditioned tissue engineering. His work is published in 22 peer-reviewed publications and more than 50 conference proceedings.

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Joao S Soares CV - May 2017